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What is EZ-Leads?

The EZ-Leads Referral System combines mobile phone app flexibility and a conventional desktop website to connect and introduce Real Estate Agents who wish to exchange Seller and Buyer Leads and benefit from a referral fee. Within seconds of Posting a Lead, other agents (in the Postcode/Suburb of the Lead) can receive a Push Notification Alert advising them that there is a new real estate lead in their area.

EZ-Leads automates: 

  • Finding a Real Estate Agent in another area to Refer a Seller or Buyer Lead.
  • Sending and Receiving the Lead Details for real estate industry leads.
  • Storing both Posted and Accepted Leads within a mobile phone app and website.
  • The potential expansion of an agent’s network of contacts within the real estate industry.
The System enables agents to:

  • Find and connect with other agents throughout a National Database.
When an agent becomes a subscriber to the System they will get a subscription account that will allow them to post sales leads and to access sales leads posted by other subscribers which may result in confirmed engagements.

What is a referral fee?

A payment that a real estate agent (or service provider) makes to another real estate agent (or third party) in return for recommending their services or sending customers to them.

The EZ-Leads System is based on the customary Australian real estate industry practice where one agent can share the details of a potential listing or the details of a buyer lead with another agent and in return receive a referral fee if a sale is transacted using the shared information.

What percentage of the sales commission is payable as the referral fee?

When an Agent accepts a Seller Lead and converts this to a Sale, a referral fee of 20% of the gross commission (plus GST ) is paid to the Posting Agent within 7 days of the Settlement of the Sale.

When an Agent accepts a Buyer Lead and converts this to a Sale, a referral fee of 10% of the gross commission (plus GST) is paid to the Posting Agent within 7 days of the Settlement of the Sale.

What is a Posted Lead?

A Posted Lead is a Seller Lead or a Buyer Lead that has been entered into the EZ-Leads mobile app or Website by a subscriber with the purpose of sharing the Lead details with another EZ-Leads subscriber. Once the Posted Lead is Accepted, a Referral Agreement has been created.

What is an Accepted Lead?

An Accepted Lead is a Seller Lead or Buyer Lead that has been entered into the EZ-Leads system and an EZ-Leads subscriber has chosen to Click on the “Accept Lead” button to access the full details of the potential lead. If the lead has been created by the Posting Agent as a Private Lead, the full details will not be visible on initial acceptance. Once Public Lead is Accepted, a Referral Agreement has been created. If the Posting Agent chooses to pass on the full details of a Private Lead, a Referral Agreement has been created.

What is a Push Notification Alert?

Most smart phones allow Push Notification Alerts. After subscribing with EZ-Leads on the Website Create Account page, download the app from the appropriate app store for free. Use your login and password to open app and when app opens it asks if you would like to accept push notifications. Click "I Accept" button and you will be subscribed to EZ-Leads with Push Notifications turned on. If you are still having problems receiving push notifications or if you are already a subscriber top EZ-Leads, you can find the Notification controls within the 'Systems' menu on most smart phones.

NOTE: Push notifications currently do not work with our web-app (i.e. the version of EZ-Leads app that runs in a web browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer.

What are the sign up costs for EZ-Leads?

EZ-Leads has an annual subscription fee of $99.00 inc GST

What are the ongoing costs for EZ-Leads?

Other than the $99/year subscription fee there are no ongoing although this may change in the future.

How long is a Lead subject to a referral payment?

An Accepted Seller Lead is subject to a referral payment being paid if the Accepting Agent is successful in entering into a Listing Agreement with the Vendors of the Lead within 187 days from the time of Accepting the Lead through the EZ-Leads system. Should a Listing Agreement not be entered into but a Sale transacted, the Accepting Agent is still liable for the full Referral Fee to the Posting Agent as well as the EZ-Leads Success Fee.

Do I need permission from the person before I put their details on the site?

Yes. EZ-Leads Pty Ltd adheres to the current Australian privacy laws and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which are contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 More information about the Australian Privacy Principals be found here. Also see our Privacy Statement.

Should I send a written Referral Agreement to the Accepting Agent to accompany the EZ-Leads Terms and Conditions?

We recommend that you send a written agreement as a secondary form of insurance that the Accepting Agent will pay you according to the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of the EZ-Leads system. Link to EZ-Lead's Terms & Conditions

What happens if I don’t get paid for the referral I posted?

Every state and territory is slightly different. We recommend obtaining legal advice as to the proper procedure within your state or territory. Please notify us immediately if an Accepting Agent refuses to pay your agreed referral fee and we will endeavour to assist if possible.

How many Agents can Accept a Lead?

The EZ-Leads system allows for a maximum of Three Users to accept any individual Seller Lead or Buyer Lead.

How does the Private Lead function work?

Posting a Private Seller Lead is an option that an agent can choose on both the Mobile Phone App and the Website Version of EZ-Leads. This function has been added to allow agents the option of posting a seller lead without sending the Name, Address, Phone or Email of the potential Lead.

The Accepting agent is notified that this is a Private Lead by the small red lock symbol on the Lead Summary information.

The Accepting agent is able to view the Posting agent’s details and make contact with the agent in order to discuss the potential lead and being granted access to the full details.

Granting access to the full details of a private lead is at the discretion of the Posting Agent.

Buyer Leads can not be made private at this time.